A mostrar mensagens de Dezembro, 2010

Crazy & Saints - Oscar Wilde

I choose my friends not by their skin or other archetype, but by the pupil. They have to have questioning shine and unsettled tone. I'm not interested in the good spirits or the ones with bad habits. I'll stick with the ones that are made of me being crazy and blessed. From them, I don't want an answer, I want to be reviewed. I want them to bring me doubts and fears and to tolerate the worst of me. But that only being crazy. I want saints, so they daunt doubt differences and ask for forgiveness for injustices. I choose my friends for their clean face and their soul exposed. I don't just want a man or a skirt, I also want his greatest happiness. A friend that doesn't laugh together doesn't know how to cry together. All my friends are like that, half foolish, half serious. I don't want foreseen laughter or cries full of pity. I want serious friends, those that make reality their fountain of knowledge, but that fight to keep fantasy alive. I don't want adult or boring f…